Twisted Metal fans, pay close attention: over at Dave Jaffe's blog , there is a post about a documentary/roundtable discussion documentary regarding the popular series based on vehicular mayhem. Why? We have no idea, but for those of you hoping for another installment in the series – the last was the excellent Twisted Metal: Black all the way back in 2001 – we'd strongly suggest you read up on the issue.

The team is trying to make a list of the issues and questions they want to address in this documentary, and they want your help. If you can think of relevant points of interest, go ahead and send them to the comments section in the blog. As Jaffe said-

"These can be questions about the series overall, or about a specific title in the series. And the questions can be as specific or macro as you'd like them to be."

Well, the franchise started with a bang, faded when 989 took over for the third and fourth entries, and reclaimed lost glory with Black when the right team returned to develop it. And fans of the series would like nothing more than to see a next-gen Twisted Metal …of course, we have no idea what the point of this discussion documentary is, but we can always speculate, right?

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