It's a long way to fall for a supposed PS3 exclusive. Fatal Inertia , initially slated to be an exclusive PS3 launch title, has now been delayed indefinitely by Koei. As of now, it will only release for the Xbox 360 on September 11.

The delay is due to "the progress of the game engine for the PS3," according to what a Koei representative told Game|Life. Oddly enough, though, the game uses the Unreal Engine 3, produced by Epic Games…which is a bit ironic, considering Sony and Epic have supposedly resolved all differences. In fact, the two are collaborating on another PS3 exclusive .

The futuristic racer will be the first game from Koei Canada, and after showing off Fatal Inertia for the PS3 at last year's Tokyo Game Show, the game gathered moderate media attention. But for now, it seems the title is only confirmed for the 360, and may never arrive for the PS3.

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