The Tony Hawk games have already raked in plenty of fans, even though the latest installments haven't really delivered the amazing experiences we all remember from the PS1 days. However, with a new generation comes a new chance to reclaim that former glory, and that's what Activision will attempt to do with Tony Hawk's Proving Ground .

The publisher has said the upcoming game will release in October for the PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS2, and DS. The game will finally have some competition in the form of EA's SKATE , but the established fanbase for Tony Hawk is truly gargantuan. The former may come out first, but those familiar with the popular Tony Hawk skateboarding franchise are likely to side with what they know.

We'll inform you when they nail down an even more specific date, but let's hope they don't lose too many of those fans to the likes of GTA IV, which releases on October 16. It's a dangerous fall for just about every game that doesn't have a recognizable title, but hey, "Tony Hawk" is pretty damn recognizable after all these years, right?

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