Sometimes, a publisher urges a developer to take a franchise in a certain direction. Unfortunately for Sacred fans, it was the wrong direction.

A designer who worked on the recent dungeon-crawling action/RPG Sacred 3 has officially apologized for the game's lackluster quality, saying it was partially the fault of publisher Deep Silver's marketing department.

Junior game designer Sacha Wagentrotz said: "The marketing department of Deep Silver was the only one with enough power to change the direction of the franchise." The department in question wanted to remove a portion of the game's depth, and they were also responsible for outsourcing the story and "chatter writing." As a result, Sacred 3 turned out to be mostly underwhelming.

The game was released on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC last month, and didn't exactly blow critics away. Oh well, there's always Diablo III , right?

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