It's always amazing how writers produce a story based on little bits and pieces of ideas.

Well before the critically acclaimed PlayStation 3 exclusive, The Last Of Us , went into development, Naughty Dog's Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann spent some time brainstorming for the game.

Normally, gamers don't hear anything about those sessions, as they often become lost to history. However, Straley recently posted up a picture of the adventure's plot…as laid out on corkboard with sticky notes. As Straley wrote:

"Over 4 years ago now, and months of brainstorms, Neil Druckmann and I had an idea for a game."

The cards tell of locations the players will visit, and it's interesting to note that not all the ideas got into the game. One card even says "Ellie kills Tess," which would've marked a drastic change in the game's story. That's not what really ended up happening; Tess didn't make it, but it wasn't because she was a villain. All these ideas needed to be hashed out beforehand, though, and the result was plenty splendiferious.

The Last Of Us went on to win boatloads of awards, and the new Remastered edition is now available on the PlayStation 4.

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