Last week, we brought you several big rumors courtesy of the latest EGM issue, and as promised, we're trying to follow up on those very significant bits of speculation and hearsay. The rumor on tap for today is in regards to Sony and Epic getting all friendly over the Unreal Tournament 3 engine, plus the possibility of an Epic PS3 exclusive title.

Up to this point, it really didn't seem as if the two companies saw eye-to-eye. But this rumor has been strengthened by a recent 1Up podcast, in which it was announced that Sony and Epic are indeed collaborating on an exclusive next-gen game for the PS3. Of course, they didn't go into specifics regarding the title (as in, what genre it might be, and when it might arrive), but apparently, it is a confirmation.

Without an official announcement from either Sony or Epic, though, we certainly can't say for certain if this is indeed fact. However, if it is, we expect to hear more about this at E3, so we'll keep our ears tilted toward the Epic/Sony camp…if there is one.

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