If you miss the good ol' dungeon-crawlers from yesteryear, there's a reason to keep your PlayStation 3.

That reason is Sacred 3 , a game that hearkens back to the PS2 days of Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance and Champions of Norrath . It also supports fantastic co-op play, which is a big draw.

Check out the new co-op footage posted over at the PlayStation Blog . It's not merely about having extra firepower; you can also take advantage of special "co-op combat arts," which sounds like an awesome idea. This is precisely the kind of rainy-day entertainment old-school action/RPGers will just love. If you want to pre-order, you can snag the blood magic-wielding champion, Malakhim.

For more, read our preview .

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8 years ago

Almost seems more like a modern third person RPG than those isometric Baldurs gate. I'm interested.

8 years ago

Man…I'd love to buy this. I think I said it before but Sacred 2 was one of the first game's I bought with my own money when I got my first crappy job. I just wish this was on PS4.