There are plenty of huge next-gen games scheduled for this year, but two are likely to stand head-and-shoulders above all the others- Halo 3 and Grand Theft Auto IV . Therefore, when news breaks on things like exclusive downloadable content for the latter, people take notice very, very quickly. And it wasn't long ago that Microsoft paraded their "exclusive" Xbox 360 GTA IV content in front of the industry, even though some industry insiders still claimed the PS3 version would also have downloadable content.

Well, now it appears we have what we like to call a "tentative confirmation" from GameStop. They have listed the PS3 Special Edition of GTA IV at their site , and while you're probably already familiar with the the bundle, we point you in the direction of the following:

Downloadable Content: Yes

It's part of the information outline, and it states very clearly that this PS3 version will have downloadable content. After all, nobody ever said this version wouldn't get extra stuff on the Network; just that particular batch of content – reported earlier – would be exclusive to the Xbox 360 version. It also made zero sense to assume Rockstar wouldn't include any sort of added GTA IV content on the Store. Now, we wait to see if the publisher or Sony announces what their exclusive content will be.

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