Yeah, it's another shooter, but at least it has some historical appeal.

Deadfall Adventures is headed to the PlayStation 3 this summer. Previously released on the Xbox 360 and PC, the PS3 version is officially entitled, Deadfall Adventures: Heart of Atlantis .

Developer The Farm 51 ( Painkiller: Hell & Damnation ) says the new updated iteration will feature exclusive content, improved visuals, new locations, two extra maps for the game's survival/co-op mode, and other various gameplay upgrades. We'll also get a more refined leveling system and even a few brand new boss fights! As James Lee Quatermain, you explore the world – from Egypt to the Arctic – in in search of an ancient artifact called the Heart of Atlantis.

The gameplay won't be innovative but as a history lover, I always appreciate virtual trips back in time.

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8 years ago

It was an interesting game due to some of the puzzle solving, but a pretty mediocre FPS overall.

8 years ago

i will say this does sound intreging.

happy gaming