While it won't make it out this year, that doesn't stop us from gathering plenty of information and details on Gran Turismo 5 . The latest batch doesn't come from a videogame magazine, believe it or not, but from a Car and Driver issue. They go into some depth concerning Polyphony's simulator, and we've got a nice little summary for you, here:

They start off by comparing previous installments in the GT series to GT 5, and how there is a definite technical difference. This is exactly what driving simulator fans are looking for, as always (an upgrade in racing physics is certainly appreciated, even though GT 4 was pretty damn good). Kazunori Yamauchi leads the group, and he talked at length about the amount of time they spend on GT 5, and why it won't be seen until 2008 (Spring 2008, at the earliest).

In the process of creating this title, the article gives us a look at the daily life of a Polyphony team member, which includes sleeping bags, cots, and power naps. Yamauchi said that, for the original Gran Turismo , one car was one day’s work for one man. For GT 3, it was one man’s work for 30 days, and for GT 5, it's one man’s work for 180 days! Um, that's a long time to program one car. And this is why we'll probably be seeing less cars this time around, as it would take about 5 years to produce 700 cars. Still, even though GT 5 will have less cars than GT 4, you will soon be able to download more in the future.

In the end, they're taking their time because…well, because it takes plenty of time, and Sony is letting them take as much time as they need. Everybody, including Yamauchi, simply "wants it done right." And we couldn't agree more with that sentiment.

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