Okami was one of the most artistic video games in history.

Now, digital art specialists Cook and Becker have captured the game's gorgeous presentation in high-resolution digital print format.

Each print comes numbered and with a certificate of authenticity, and prices range from $80 to $130 (quite reasonable for a print, by the way). If you want a frame, though, that will cost a few extra hundred dollars. Cook and Becker deal in "museum-grade" prints and have offered work based on Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us and BioWare's Mass Effect , among other franchises.

I'd say it's worth it if you can have something like this in your home, which would cause visitors to say, "that's beautiful, what's it from?" Then, you're allowed to smile and say, "a video game."

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8 years ago

Roger Ebert, gawd rest his soul, couldn't have possibly played this game and not considered it art.

Ben Dutka PSXE
Ben Dutka PSXE
8 years ago

I still respect him for clarifying his stance and admitting that he didn't know quite enough about games to make the initial judgment. And actually, if he had made his original stance clearer, I probably would've agreed with him.