With E3 right around the corner, it's no surprise to see the rumors and speculation increasing tenfold. This one falls under the latter category, and given Bioware's history, we certainly hope it's true.

The popular and accomplished developer just recently announced they'd be attending E3 this year, which lies at the root of the ensuing speculation.

"Yes there has been a great deal of speculation of will we or won’t we be at E3 this year. We didn’t want to confirm anything until we were sure that the cool stuff we’re going to be showing there was set, ready and very, very cool. Now that it is, we can confirm what many of you had already guessed that we will be at E3 this year."

They go on to say they wouldn't announce anything further in regards to what they'd be showing, but of course, that doesn't stop us from guessing. For example, it's more than likely we'll see the highly anticipated Xbox 360 title, Mass Effect , which will be undoubtedly be a big draw. But PSU has proposed that we'll also see the unveiling of a PS3 exclusive game, which is definitely an intriguing possibility for PS3 owners.

Apparently, Bioware Director of Operations, Richard Vogel, had told PSU at this year's Game Developer's Conference that they were working on a brand new title for the PS3. Now, this is huge, simply because it would mean Mass Effect wouldn't be the only highly anticipated Bioware game. The other would be on the PS3, and we can only assume it will be an RPG of sorts…and that is exactly the kind of speculation that gets everyone excited.

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