We brought you the exclusive interview with the talented Michael Gluck, aka "Piano Squall," in regards to his GAME CD, and now, it's time to announce the official launch.

GAME features a variety of classic tracks from both video games and anime, transferred from their original format to piano. We had a chance to hear the CD already, and we have to say, fans of game music certainly can't miss the opportunity to own this collection. A total of 19 tracks await your attention, and besides, you'll be helping out a good cause in the process: a portion of all proceeds will be donated to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. You get some singular entertainment that features beautiful renditions of some of your favorite songs, and at the same time, you're donating to charity. It's win-win!

Gluck, who is working on a second CD even as we speak, has performed all over the country, from California to Connecticut. He has even been featured on MTV's website in recognition for his contribution to the world of videogame music. But now, you can bring home that great music, and can listen to it whenever you wish. Head on over to his website now, and land a nice addition to your library!

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