This year's E3 was another success, although there were fewer exhibitors.

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has reported that 48,900 industry reps and journalists attended E3 2014, slightly up for the 48,000 that came last year.

However, while E3 2013 played host to 230 exhibitors, there were only 200 at this year's show. That may not be a big deal to the city of Los Angeles, though, as E3 once again raked in around $40 million in revenue. Furthermore, E3 2014 surpassed its previous social media record numbers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with over two million related posts combined.

Said ESA CEO Michael D. Gallagher:

"The video game industry's explosive growth and technological innovation were front and center at E3 2014. Video games are the most innovative and engaging force driving our culture and entertainment experiences the world over."

The dates for next year's show have already been confirmed as well: E3 2015 will once again be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center and the show will run between June 16 and 18. It's interesting to note that in the future, E3 may leave the standard stomping grounds; perhaps they'll seek a bigger venue…? Not sure it's necessary, considering the numbers, but you never know.

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