We all know how popular the Devil May Cry series is, but no installment had to face the competition the fourth DMC will face this fall. Still, that hasn't stopped Capcom from thinking optimistically…very optimistically.

During Capcom's 2007 Fiscal Year results meeting, Director and Managing Corporate Officer, Kazuhiko Abe, predicted that Devil May Cry 4 will sell 1.8 million copies worldwide. Now, that's a big number. How big? Well, they expect the recently released Resident Evil 4 for the Wii to sell 420,000 copies and Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles to sell 620,000 units. Clearly, Capcom is banking on huge success from Dante and Co. this time around, so the only question is, will gamers respond?

Well, it's not impossible. Even the mediocre DMC 2 managed to sell over a million copies, and the first and third entries easily topped the mark as well. Besides, with Devil May Cry 4 hitting both the PS3 and Xbox 360 – the first installment in the franchise that's multiplatform – that should certainly ramp up the sales. Let's just hope the game is as great as we're all expecting it to be…

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