Sometimes, you don't want to learn about canceled projects.

…'cuz if it sounds awesome, you get really disappointed.

People Can Fly released the relatively well-received Bulletstorm but prior to that, they were working on a project that wasn't even remotely similar to the frenetic FPS.

It was called "Come Midnight" and according to former studio boss Adrian Chmielarz, it was scheduled for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and it would've been "absolutely incredible." Speaking to Eurogamer , Chmielarz described the game as a "moody as fu** detective thriller with a supernatural edge," and it blended multiple genres:

"The closest I can give you would be a more streamlined L.A. Noire–L.A. Noire meets Uncharted, in a way. You are a private eye and you start a normal investigation, but it turns out that there are some otherworldly powers at work, and you can communicate with the dead."

Featuring "great narration" and a third-person perspective, the game would've been "full of surprises." It was set in the 1940s and it had all sorts of elements; shooting, melee combat, adventure, and even a little horror mixed in. Unfortunately, former publisher THQ opted to drop the game "for reasons outside the game itself" and obviously People Can Fly wasn't too happy about it:

"THQ seriously f***ed us over at this point. They just cancelled. 'OK we're just cancelling the game–see ya.' It's all corporate bulls***; three weeks before, they cancelled all communication–no phone calls, stopped answering emails. Absolute a**holes."

Well, maybe that's the reason THQ isn't around anymore. And unfortunately, Chmielarz and Co. couldn't find another taker for the game because it was "too different." As for who currently owns the rights to "Come Midnight," Chmielarz isn't sure. It sounds like an excellent concept and we sure wish somebody had gone for it…anyway, here's some concept art to make you even more depressed.