If you haven't yet seen the latest Grand Theft Auto IV trailer , and you've been looking for another downloadable game, don't waste any time in logging on to the PlayStation Network today. The latest North American update includes the much-anticipated GTA IV trailer, Super Stardust HD , a Dynasty Warriors: Gundam demo, and several movie trailers.

The trailers are: Superbad , I Know Who Killed Me , The Invasion , and License To Wed . Now, while these are all well and good, we still haven't seen that supposedly playable Lair demo we had heard so much about. Earlier this month, that demo was promised "soon" or, according to some sources, "later in June." Well, June ends on Saturday, and still nothing from Factor 5 regarding their upcoming fall PS3 title.

But we'll let you know when (and if) that happens, and for now, we're sure the two big updates are worth your time. The GTA IV trailer is certainly huge, and Super Stardust HD seems like a very entertaining – and very pretty – little game.

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