Lacking in cash in Grand Theft Auto Online ?

Then you need to sign in and play a few rounds this weekend. Rockstar is hosting a special event that will let you rank up faster than usual, but you gotta participate now .

The event will only run through the night of May 3 but it's worthwhile: Every job and activity you complete in GTAO will net you double the GTA$ and Reputation Points. Doesn't matter what you want to do; just do something. Play some standard Deathmatch or Capture matches, complete a few missions, win some races, etc. It's not a bad way to prep for the upcoming High Life update, which will add all-new – and very pricey – apartments, cars, and other goodies. This will be ready to go later in May.

That update will also bring a feature fans have been requesting for some time. Yep, multiplayer heists are on the way!

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7 years ago

Wow no1 cares it seems damn John does any1 here read your posts.

7 years ago

What is with the hate?? I was glad to see this posted or I wouldn't have known about it!! Keep up the awesome work John Shepard xD