Insomniac announced the existence of an impending update for Resistance: Fall of Man some time ago, but it has yet to materialize. However, the wait may finally be over if the following information is to be trusted.

More than a few members over at are saying they've seen an in-game announcement concerning this big worldwide update, but for now, that announcement has only been sent to European users. …we have no idea why that might be, but these users have apparently seen the following statement:

"The UK servers will have a downtime period that will begin at 2:30am (UK time) and will last throughout the day on June 29th. Furthermore, the worldwide servers and map packs will then be available when the server is back online."

Insomniac hasn't gotten into details regarding this map pack, nor have they outlined the online play update. But the time appears to have come; if this update does go down as reported, fans of the online mode will soon see some additions and enhancements. We'll let you know when and if the team comes clean on this development.

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