With so many multiplatform games, exclusives are becoming few and far between this generation. However, the PS3 has landed another one in the form of Record of Agarest War , recently announced in the Weekly Famitsu magazine. The project is being handled by Idea Factory, Red Entertainment, and Compile Heart.

It's a fantasy simulation RPG that boasts characters from five different generations. The world itself will feature five different continents, and you'll explore each continent with each generation's character, creating a very unique experience. However, much of your progress will depend on who you choose to be your partner at the start, so there should be some freedom mixed in with that sweeping, epic storyline. The combat will center on "battle points" encountered on the field map, and it will play out in classic turn-based style.

No word yet on whether or not this will land in the U.S. or Europe; for now, it's only scheduled for a September 27 release in Japan.

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