Everyone is wondering what Sony is planning to unveil at E3 regarding Killzone 2 for the PS3, especially now that we've heard about the mysterious two and a half hour press event. And now, likely due to that recent announcement, the news and rumors continue to fly.

Supposedly, an upcoming GamePro issue talks about "sources close to Sony" (we're always a bit leery when we hear that) are saying the Killzone 2 development process is going "extremely well," and the team plans to release the game in September. Now, we had heard this rumor before, but Guerilla was quick to step up and say it was false. After all, nobody wants to believe they plan to release the game in the same month as Halo 3 regardless of how great Sony's FPS might be. But the rumor continues to pop up, and we're beginning to wonder if there's any truth in it.

One last tidbit from the magazine- one GamePro editor wrote that it won't matter about those other FPSs (including Halo 3 ); Killzone 2 will "blow away any console shooter to date." Well, we'd like to think that's the case, but with this level of hype, it's hard to believe everything you hear. We'll let you know if Guerilla once again denies the release date rumor, though.

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