I hope everyone understands just how unassailably cool this is.

What you see in the video below is the iconic video game Tetris , being played on the side of the 29-story-tall Cira Centre building in Philadelphia. This multiplayer footage, projected onto the building, is supposed to be a "social beacon."

That's what Professor Frank Lee called it: In speaking to Polygon , Lee said he hopes this will encourage people to take up coding:

"Coding is going to be so important in our future. Certainly you have a lot of people saying that as well, but this will be a fun way to engage students who might have never thought about going into programming.

to use this as a platform to try to reach those groups and those students to think about programming as a very creative endeavor."

Who would've imagined this back in the '80s? Certainly not me. Although, the phenomenon where people started seeing Tetris blocks everywhere they went was very real; it happened to me a few times. You start playing that game a little too obsessively, and things get kinda out of whack.

This really is a great idea, though.