Those who are involved in the Warhawk beta probably don't want it to end, but unfortunately, it must end at some point. However, if you've been following the timetable, you'd know the beta was scheduled to end yesterday…and yet, if you log in today, you can still partake of the fast-paced online action. Why?

Simple. The beta testing originally slated to end yesterday, June 25, has been extended an extra week through Monday, July 2. So you get another week to rack up the kills in both mid-air and on the ground, which is good news for fans. On the downside, the release dates and prices for the two versions (Blu-Ray and downloadable) still haven't been confirmed, and anything you've heard – including GameStop's August 2/$59.99 listing for the Blu-Ray – is just a guess.

However, we do know the standard Blu-Ray version will come with a Bluetooth headset and supposedly, plenty of extras on the disc as well. That oughta be plenty of incentive for would-be consumers, right?

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