I'm guessing many consumers are probably saying: "Well, it's about damn time."

Retailer GameStop seeks to improve your shopping and experience and as such, they've announced a new business unit that will create and implement technology solutions that "better address the needs of today's empowered customer."

It's called the GameStop Technology Institute (GTI), and it will focus on developing affiliations with leading tech corporations as well as academic institutions. Thanks to these alliances, GameStop says they'll explore new R&D processes that will result in new and "innovative business applications." The retailer intends to utilize IBM's open cloud development platform, BlueMix, to build new mobile and cloud applications, for example.

GameStop says their new system will "remove the complexity" of the shopping experience at their stores, which is good news. Maybe it won't take ten minutes to complete on transaction now.

Said GameStop CEO Paul Raines:

"Now more than ever, GameStop's internal rate of change must continue to exceed the rate of change occurring within the retail environments in which we compete. The launch of GTI represents GameStop's commitment to cultivate innovation within the retail industry, as well as lead the charge in discovering new technology advancements to drive positive customer experiences."

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7 years ago

well now that be great now wudn't it

happy gaming =)

Norrin Radd
Norrin Radd
7 years ago

Gamestop is dead to me. Digital IS the future! (And for some of us, the present)

7 years ago

OT for a few seconds…

There's some good PSN sales going on right now…

PSN Flash sale(only till Thursday)
Thief 1/2 price $29.99

PSN Spring Fever sale:
Tomb Raider: DE edition $29.99

Bioshock 1 & 2 for $5 each, (plus some other "Infinite" add-ons & DLC for sale

GOW Ascension also has a bunch of stuff on sale, plus they've also added a ton of "FREEBIES" for you all too.

On a sad note…..
My 2&1/2 year old 1T GB Slim's Bluray has just taken a huge dump on me.

When I went to play Tomb Raider: Underworld, the BR drive made a about 4 odd clicking sounds(like a PC's hard-drive does when it reads) & the game icon never appeared on my screen. Then after 10 seconds, the little blue light flashed 3 times & the drive made some loud sounds as if it was either trying to reset itself to read my disc again(???) or maybe going back to it's original "stand-by when-not-in-use hibernation" mode(???, & being a such a non-techie type, both are assumptions on my part). I also tried other BR games & movies & the same thing keeps happening.

Oddly enough, after about 12 to 15 tries, I can sometimes get the BR to recognize my BR disc & it will play for a very short time, but it will then either just freeze up altogether(where nothing works, even the controller's frozen & to get out of it, I have to hit the eject button & the power off buttons directly on the console), or after a few minutes, just a small part(or a few items)in the picture suddenly goes into a blockly mine-craft looking resolution & then the game totally freezes up once again.

Even worse is that coming soon, I believe that I'll probably be without either of my 2 PS3's working, because now my 2nd PS3, an older GameStop refurbed 60 GB'er(upgraded to 750GB) fan has suddenly started to sound like a freight train after only being on for 5-10 minutes, just like my original 60 GB'er did just before it YLOD'ed on me with my day-1 Killzone 3 disc stuck inside, a few years back.

FYI, both PS3's are kept in a clean & well aired-out area & plus the vents are also cleaned quarterly. Plus every one of my older retro consoles that I still have left(Intellivision, Dreamcast, Xbox, Wii, Panasonic 3DO, Atari Jaguar, & Sega Saturn), are all still working perfectly.

Damn, damn, damn…all these sudden PS3 woes, and at a time when I no longer even have a financial pot to piss in anymore….or 2 pennies to rub together.

Anymore these days, it sucks to be me.

7 years ago

I just had the same thing happen to me! Only my slim was done in by movies… Fortunately, it has still worked just fine for digital, so it hasn't been a total loss. Either way, I feel your pain.

7 years ago

only thing i wish EB would do is add some more bloody staff and registers!
my local store has 2 counters but ive NEVER been there where they had 2 staff people on, i mean WTFs the point of having 2 registers when only 1 is being used at a time?
really pisses me off every time i go there the ques out the door.
takes me 5 minutes to drive there, find parking, and 5 minutes to drive back.
but im lucky if im out of the center within a half hour!
i remember the xbox ones launch night they had 4 staff on the tables checking receipts and handing out consoles and games, but for those who did not have a final receipt, they had to go into the store to the 1 person they had on register.
f*cking morons setup a fast pass before release so you could pay off your next gen system before release you got this fast pass and they said you could present that to skip the queues and grab your console on launch.
but then on the night they changed their mind and said you need to come in and get a final receipt, but they only said that to people before 12 so if you arrived after they started selling you did not know.
so of course they ended up with a tiny line outside with the 4 staff handing out systems, and the massive que inside with the one person.
common sense would be to swap spots but they only had 2 registers, so they decided nah the one person can handle it.
WTFs wrong with these morons!?
exactly why i dont do midnight launches anymore, there always so woefully organized its embarassing.

i was pleasantly surprised to see infamous second son significantly cheaper on PSN than stores, hope this trend continues and maybe ill finally be able to give that woeful place the blowover!

Last edited by ___________ on 3/26/2014 3:54:09 AM

7 years ago

It's amazing how many people write "You know what I hate about Gamestop? Every time I go there…" THEN STOP GOING THERE! YOU are the problem, not them. You continually complain but keep giving them your money so who's the idiot? If someone offered me a million dollars to shake my hand am I supposed to say "No, no, that's too much"? I use Gamestop exclusively to dump games or work their Buy2Get1 sales. I wish I would spend $60 for a game in GS. And $55 for a used game? You have got to be kidding me.
Nowadays every retail franchise worth their name has an online presence so even if you can't physically reach one easily you can still get whatever you want at a fair price. And considering Amazon now sells a lot of digital codes you can get your game instantly AND save money if you don't feel like waiting a week or so.
Again, it's the idiots that keep Gamestop in business that are what's wrong with the business .

Last edited by Harerazer on 3/26/2014 10:32:33 AM