You know you love 'em. With an absolutely giant fall and winter on tap for the game industry, the rumors are flying through the air like Christmas fruitcakes in December. The latest batch was delivered courtesy of Electronic Gaming Monthly, so check out all the newest reports…and bear in mind, none of these are officially confirmed, but they're still awfully fun to read and contemplate.

First up, Parasite Eve fans were surprised and disappointed to learn that the long-awaited third installment would only be going to mobile phones. But fear not, Square-Enix is apparently working on a brand new, fully-realized Parasite Eve , although we have no idea which platforms will be included. Secondly, Epic Games and Sony have resolved their differences regarding the Unreal Tournament 3 license (UT 3 is actually a timed exclusive for the PS3 and PC, coming later to the Xbox 360), and they might be collaborating on a PS3 exclusive title.

Thirdly, while Hideo Kojima remains hard at work finishing up Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots , he's also working on another PS3 exclusive. No word on what it might be, but evidently, it's certainly not Zone of the Enders 3 . And lastly, a rumor that has already been debunked: you've probably heard about it by now; that Sony is planning to release a Wii-like controller for the PS2 before Christmas. The idea seemed a bit strange in the first place, though, and Sony was quick to shoot it down.

Sony sent Game|Life a response that was quick and clear:

"This rumor is absolutely not true. There are currently no plans to add motion-sensing capability to the PlayStation 2 controller."

Well, anyway, the other rumors are still a go, as far as we know. We'll be looking into that that third Parasite Eve as well as the supposed PS3 exclusive being worked on by Kojima and Co. As for Epic and Sony getting all buddy-buddy…we'll believe it when we see it.

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