Here's a quick history lesson for the uninitiated:

With the exception of the last two entries (FFXIII-2 and Lightning Returns ) and FFX-2, there are no actual sequels in the main Final Fantasy franchise. Each game in the series features an entirely new set of characters, a new world, a new story, etc.

That's part of what made this series so unbelievably great for so long. It was also why fans didn't react well to the announcement of Final Fantasy X-2 . So, when Siliconera met up with Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase, they asked why Square Enix opted for a sequel:

"Traditionally, we would make a new world for each numbered Final Fantasy game. For [Final Fantasy X-2], it was a unique first time trial because we made such a rich story for Final Fantasy X and we wanted to build upon it. We didn’t want the story to end at X.

The name of the game, Final Fantasy X-2… initially the name was not accepted in our internal meetings. Actually, in our staff meetings it was disapproved once! Instead of making it Final Fantasy XI because it was a story that built upon Final Fantasy X we wanted to call it Final Fantasy X-2."

Kitase added that they wanted to focus on Tidus and Yuna and the blossoming love story between the two. This was a different approach when compared to previous new entries in the series, just because those two characters would remain in the limelight. And what if Kitase were to write another sequel, ala FFX-3? His response:

"There is a story about Auron and Braska who go on journey before the protagonists of Final Fantasy X. It would be interesting to focus on those characters as a contrast to the young and energetic Tidus and Yuna."

It's probably too late for that now, but it probably would've been interesting. As for FFX-2, I was one of its most vocal detractors, because I loved the entirely fresh style and setting in each new FF installment. However, FFX-2 won me over almost instantly, as the unbelievably awesome ATB turn-based combat, complete with a class system reminiscent of Tactics , was just fantastic. Even though I could've done without the J-Pop influence, it was everything I could've wanted a FF adventure to be.

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