Is Q Entertainment no more?

According to an "inside source" speaking to CVG , Tetsuya Mizuguchi has walked out on the studio he founded back in 2003.

Responsible for psychedelic titles like Rez and Child of Eden , Q Entertainment was Mizuguchi's brainchild. But now, an unnamed employee says the founder just walked out on the studio, along with the CEO. However, this is sort of old news if accurate, as the source claims Mizuguchi left some time last year, without making the move public. Furthermore, it seems Q Entertainment was purchased by Japanese company Sanyo Chemical Industries.

Does this mean we won't see any more trippy games from the guys at Q? Very likely. Child of Eden didn't sell particularly well – even though it was a really solid experience – and since then, we haven't heard much from Mizuguchi and Co. Maybe now we know why.