Two huge March games are now on store shelves and in many ways, they're polar opposites.

There's From Software's Dark Souls II , which is the epitome of a "hardcore" experience (even though that term is indeed subjective) and requires immense amounts of patience and skill.

Then there's Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall , which is fast-paced, next-gen shooter. I'm not saying it doesn't require skill, but it's hardly in the same difficulty or overall depth sphere as DSII.

Then again, Titanfall is the one everyone has been waiting for, correct? It's the title that would define "next-gen," according to all the hype. Well, do the review scores reflect that revolution? With a current average Metascore of 87 , it's hard to say. That's a very warm reception, though, no matter how you look at it. Compare that to DSII, which has a Metascore of 90 . It's interesting to note that the average User Review score for DSII is 8.8, and it's 6.1 for Titanfall .

Does this mean Dark Souls II is automatically the better game? Of course not. But did you expect From Software's production to outscore the massively hyped Titanfall ? I sure didn't.

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