The anticipated Castlevania: Lords of Shadow sequel didn't really impress the critics.

However, a lot of gamers said the game was unjustly criticized, which led to our most recent poll question: Do you think the title was unfairly judged?

A fair percentage did feel that way, but the majority said in fact, the game's "just not that good." That was our assessment as well , as the production fell significantly short in several areas. The stealth sections were poorly conceived of and implemented, and the modern-day atmosphere just didn't gel with our perception of the vaunted Castlevania franchise.

This week, there's been a lot of talk about the future of Nintendo and whether or not the Wii U will survive. What do you think? Will the current system stage a big comeback? Will the company produce another console that can challenge the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Or are they going to bow out of the console game completely? Let us know.

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