It has arguably the biggest hype of any upcoming PS3 game, and of course, that means everyone is waiting for more information come E3. Some were worried we wouldn't see too much, though, what with the lack of news surrounding any E3 unveilings for Killzone 2 . …yeah, well, those people needn't have worried.

It was first reported by Kotaku and then confirmed by PS3Fanboy: 150 lucky press members will be invited to view the project known as Killzone PS3 during E3. The invitations have already gone out, but even those are mysterious in nature. Will it be hands-on? Will it be a ton of actual gameplay footage? We have no idea, but we do know one thing: the mini-event is two and a half hours long ! What the heck could they be showing?

Well, looks like we'll find out soon enough. This is guaranteed to get a huge amount of attention, so we'll be sure to bring you the details during E3. Excited? You had better be!

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