Fans of fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping racers know all about the Wipeout series. After debuting on the PS1, both the PS2 and PSP featured an installment in the franchise; the latest being Wipeout Pure for Sony's handheld. But everyone is clamoring for more information regarding the upcoming Wipeout for the PS3. While details are still hazy, 1Up reported on one big development:

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has been showcasing the PSP sequel, Wipeout Pulse , for a while now, but PS3 owners really want to know about the next-gen project. Sony's Liverpool studio director Clemens Wangerin confirmed the game in an issue of Develop magazine, so 1Up contacted Game Director Tony Buckley for more info. As it turns out, they're preparing Wipeout HD , a surprising little title that is expected to be revealed before August…and possibly, at E3 this month. And it's only the "first step," as the "major" PS3 Wipeout title will hit some time in 2008.

Wipeout HD will boast high-definition resolution (duh), an online multiplayer mode, and possibly HD-enabled racetracks from Wipeout Pulse . But the best part? It should arrive on the PlayStation Network before the end of the year, so fans can get an early Wipeout fix! We'll bring you more details on this as they become available, but for now, we're certain fans of the series will view this as very, very good news.

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