With the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remasters right around the corner, we've heard rumblings about the possibility of a Final Fantasy XII HD .

So, we decided to ask the community if they want such a project. Would you like to see a high-def overhaul of another role-playing classic?

Well, yes and no. The participants were split on the idea, with the slight majority saying they're "absolutely" behind the idea. The second-largest group (by only 17 votes, by the way) say they're not interested in the slightest. Even the middle group is split almost directly down the middle; almost exactly as many people voted for "I'd get it, but I'm not really drooling" as "Maybe…I'm sort of on the fence."

With that behind us, let's focus on the possibility of a Final Fantasy VII remake. We all thought this rumor had dried up and withered away, but it's back and stronger than ever . Director Yoshinori Kitase's comments have given long-time franchise followers new hope! …or has he?

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