If you're looking for a action/RPG akin to Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance or Champions of Norrath , Deep Silver has you covered.

The publisher has announced Sacred 3 , which will slash its way to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC this summer. Players will venture into the mystical Ancarian realm, where they'll need to work together to conquer the deadly legions of foes.

Boasting "immersive and engaging co-op gameplay," this new effort has a lot of promise. Said Deep Silver Brand Manager Remy van Leeuwen:

"The paramount development goal for Sacred 3 has been to create a seamless online and offline co-op experience. By creating a game built around the central concept of co-op gameplay, we’re expanding the series to new audiences without compromising the rich lore and fantasy of the Sacred universe.”"

Sacred 3 will deliver classic arcade hack 'n slash combat that revolves around entertaining drop-in, drop-out cooperative multiplayer for both offline (2 players) and online (4 players) action. Many fan-favorite characters will return, including the Seraphim, Ancarian, Khukuhru and the Safiri. A new character, Malakhim, will be available, and each class features its own unique skills and weapons.

They also gave us a stirring new trailer. You up for it?