Uhh…I know what you guys may be thinking. You could be
asking yourself why does this week's hardware chart look almost
no different than last week's? I wish I knew, I really do…but I
don't. Yes, Ninja Gaiden Sigma made absolutely no impact in the
sales of the PlayStation 3 – and that's concerning. The game did
sell over 40k copies for its debut, but it made absolutely no
impact in the sales of its respective console. Trusty Bell, on
the other hand, managed to move an additional 5000k, which is
quite the feat. For whatever reason, the PSP saw a pretty big
bump in sales, as the console sold an additional 10k units over
the previous week.

Nintendo DS 118,684
Nintendo Wii 65,521
Sony PSP 33,359
Sony PS2 11,974
Sony PS3 9,481
Xbox 360 7,583

June 4th-10th:

Nintendo DS 117,228
Nintendo Wii 64,529
Sony PSP 24,711
Sony PS2 11,097
Sony PS3 8,776
Xbox 360 2,533

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