Well, that wasn't close.

This week's big release is Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII . Historically, it'd be a hugely anticipated launch for role-playing fans everywhere, but…unfortunately, something bad has happened to this once storied franchise.

And that's reflected in our latest poll results. We wanted to know if you planned to pick up the latest FF iteration this week, and the overwhelming majority answered, "Not a chance." Even the second-largest group of voters say they "haven't decided yet," so it's not looking good for Lightning's final adventure. It probably doesn't help that the playable demo definitely didn't go over well with most players. At this rate, the game might sell less than the upcoming Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster ; if it does, I'm gonna laugh .

This week's poll focuses on the ongoing frames per second debate. The PlayStation 4 appears capable of handling 60FPS in some games, while those same titles only seem to hover around 30FPS on the Xbox One. Is this a big deal to you?

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