There's been some melodrama surrounding this quirky little fighter.

But the bottom line is that it will finally return to the PlayStation Network in the US on February 11, and it'll be an updated iteration!

Skullgirls Encore , the new version of developer Lab Zero Games' popular title, will be released on Xbox Live and internationally "as soon as possible."

You can find the information at the game's official website . If you weren't familiar with the ongoing situation, Skullgirls got yanked from the PSN and XBLA in December of last year. Konami wanted the game taken down after Lab Zero ended its business relationship with the publisher. The PC version never had to disappear, though, as it was put out by Marvelous AQL.

Anyway, Skullgirls Encore boasts a few gameplay improvements and offers some extra content, which is cool. Furthermore, if you already own the original Skullgirls , you'll get Encore free of charge!

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