Lightning looks good as Yuna.

If you pick up a copy of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster , you'll receive a free piece of downloadable content for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII .

Square Enix has revealed that it is indeed Yuna's costume, which comes complete with her trademark staff and victory pose. We've already learned that Lightning will even have access to Cloud Strife's outfit from Final Fantasy VII , so the heroine can dress up as several past FF characters. Does that make Lightning Returns more appealing to you? If you're not sure, feel free to check out the playable demo that's currently on the PSN and Xbox Live. Or, just catch our disappointed impressions .

Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will be here on February 11, but we have to wait until March 18 to grab the FFX/X-2 HD Remasters. One guess which I want more.

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