Ready to "ditch" your old PlayStation 3 in favor of an Xbox One?

If you're willing, Microsoft has a deal for you, as spotted by a NeoGAF member : A new promotion asks gamers to "ditch" their PS3 at one of Microsoft's stores in the US. If they do so, they'll get the Xbox One for only $399, which is $100 less than normal retail cost.

This trade-in also applies to old Xbox 360 systems as well, but that's not what takes center-stage in the ad, is it? The offer runs through March 2 and requires that the trade-in consoles be in good working condition. It's not a coincidence that the competition – namely, the PS4 – is priced at $399. Analysts and industry insiders have been saying for months that the price difference is the biggest problem for Microsoft right now.

So, why not try to lure some PlayStation fans to their side? Makes perfect sense, right? This definitely sounds like a pretty standard Microsoft tactic, doesn't it?