Clap Hanz president Masashi Muramori recently gave an interview to GameInformer, where he took the chance to talk about the immensely popular Hot Shots franchise. The topics of conversation included the possibility of new sports ( Hot Shots Tennis is on the way to the PS2), and of course, the highly anticipated Hot Shots Golf 5 for the PS3. In that discussion, Muramori revealed quite a few sweet details.

Beyond the improved visuals, which are a given and already experienced from the playable demo, the president said there are "almost no limitations on the PS3's ability to create visually rich and fully interactive environments." We can add this to the ever-growing pile of industry insiders who are surprised and pleased with the capability of Sony's next-gen console. So that's always encouraging to hear, and then Muramori got even more specific: the Japanese version of HSG 5 will feature 15 playable golfers, 7 caddies, and 6 courses.

Now, here's where we start to get just a bit concerned. The previous installment in the series, Hot Shots Golf: Fore! boasted 24 playable characters, and about a dozen caddies and courses. Why are the numbers almost halved in HSG 5…? Well, we hope there's a good reason for it, and there may be the possibility that the numbers could change when the game leaves Japan. Anyway, moving on with the details, Muramori mentioned the new shot mechanic, which – while more difficult – will eventually let the player hit the ball further and more accurately if they can master the style.

Lastly, we know the game will be online, but the Clap Hanz president sees a great opportunity for a lot of extra downloadable content. He says this is the "perfect type of game" for extra content; new courses, characters, outfits for characters, special online tournaments, etc. Apparently, even more info and announcements will arrive at E3 next month, so we'll keep a close eye on more Hot Shots Golf 5 developments.

We'd really like to have that U.S. release date…

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