Square Enix has now dedicated three games to this heroine, so where does she rank on the all time Final Fantasy list?

I think Lightning started out relatively strong in Final Fantasy XIII . Granted, for the first half of the game, she came across as a one-dimensional bi***, but she got much better during the second half. I still say Fang and Vanille sort of stole the show at the end but even so, Lightning's appeal did increase over time. Thing is, FF prides itself on producing strong, sympathetic protagonists who we identify with in some way. I've had difficulty sympathizing with Lightning.

It doesn't help that the writing has become so convoluted, I'm not sure even the developers know who or what she is anymore. She was almost nonexistent in FFXIII-2, where she wasn't even a playable character (unless you beat her in combat, which I did). Yeah, she was still part of the story but let's face it, that narrative focused almost exclusively on Noel and Serah. As for Lightning Returns , that game appears to be a colossal piece of donkey crap; that's based on my demo impressions . Then again, maybe because it's only Lightning this time around, she'll have a chance to earn her spot in franchise history.

Still, I'd really hesitate before comparing her to the likes of Cloud, Squall, Terra, Tidus, etc. Even Zidane and Vaan were better in my estimation.