Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has struck back against PS3 criticism, saying they're preparing some nifty holiday treats for gamers and stating their present contentment with the PS3's position. Of course, they were a little vague about what those treats might be, but then again, guessing is half the fun. For now, the Nintendo Wii is dominating console sales worldwide, but one Sony representative says it's "unfair" to compare the PS3 and Wii.

According to SCEE rep Jonathan Fargher and UK site,, it makes no sense to compare the Wii to the PS3.

“The one thing we have always done with the PlayStation is stick to our business strategy,” he said. “We keep an eye on the competition, but it is unfair to put the Nintendo Wii and PS3 in the same category. The Wii is a sub-£200 console and does one thing pretty well. Compare that with a £400 piece of hardware that plays next-generation games, allows users to access photo files and has built-in Blu-Ray technology."

Naysayers still point to the lagging PS3 sales, but Sony has managed to sell 1.3 million PS3s in the U.S., and over 1 million in Europe. While that may pale in comparison to the Wii (oops, we're not supposed to compare them), Fargher wants us to remember one very important factor:

“Many people have said PS3 is not doing well, but in nine weeks we have sold more than one million machines in Europe, which is faster than the sell-through rate of the PS2. The PS1 and PS2 sold 115 million machines worldwide, so we are confident of the PS3’s performance in time,” he added.

But as always, without the games, the hardware goes nowhere. Most analysts believe PS3 sales will increase dramatically during the fall and winter months, thanks mostly to the potential for a strong holiday season. It's during that time we should see many of the big-name titles that will likely drive hardware sales.

“It will be towards the end of the year when the big titles start to show what the PS3 can really do and hopefully make people feel more comfortable about the decision they made to invest in our hardware," said Fargher.

The rep goes on to outline benefits of the PS3 most gamers are already aware of: the upscaling of normal DVDs to high-definition format, PSP connectivity, and being able to remotely access the PS3 through a Wi-Fi connection. The latest firmware update, version 1.8, upscales both PS1 and PS2 games to HD, which is a huge benefit to gamers with big PS1/PS2 libraries.

A Dixon's Stores Group representative, Hamish Thompson, seems to agree with Fargher and believes the PS3 is in a good position.

“We are confident about Sony," said Thompson. "Launching the PS3 at the time of year that it did got it off to an impressive start and we are certain that the interest and demand will build as we get closer to the peak season of November, December and January."

So we know about the games and the potential of the PS3, but what are these other little Christmas treats Sony speaks of? Can we expect an explanation some time soon, or are we forced to speculate until November? Well, either way, it's good to see they're planning a big holiday season for the PS3, because both owners and intrigued consumers could certainly use it.

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