I never would've imagined that a video game would be used in school . I mean, as a legitimate teaching tool.

Oh, but this isn't 1985 and times have changed. Students at Nordahl Grieg high school in Norway are playing Telltale's The Walking Dead game, and we're not referring to after-school leisure time. Nope, the award-winning narrative-driven series is part of the day's work for these lucky students.

NRK.no aired a brief piece about the class (cited by GameSpot ) and it's pretty cool: Instructor Tobias Staaby said he wanted a "good catalyst for discussions about ethical dilemmas," and he knew that such dilemmas are a big part of Telltale's episodic series. Students played the game in class for two weeks and afterward, Staaby says his pupils were "contextualizing ethical dilemmas they probably wouldn't have thought about otherwise."

The students took anonymous polls during those two weeks, so they could see which decisions were the most popular. Then they discussed (I assume). How come we couldn't do this when I was a kid? What, you saying there wasn't an "ethical dilemma" when I had to decide whether or not to defeat Bowser face-to-face or run past him?

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