The European PlayStation Store has had a slow start, but things are finally starting to heat up across the pond. After the U.S. got their update , Euro gamers are getting theirs, and this one consists of more than just some movie trailers.

First up is God of War creator David Jaffe's brainchild, Calling All Cars , which you can now pick up for 7,99 Euros. In addition, there are a variety of PS1 classics added to the Store, including the fast-paced and addictive WipeOut , the orange whirlwind known as Crash Bandicoot , and the very unique 3D jumping/platform title, Jumping Flash . All of these can be yours now for 4,99 Euros.

See? It didn't take that long, did it European PS3 owners? The games are here and more are on the way, so don't fret.

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