Admit it, charging the PlayStation 3's Sixaxis controller is a little bit annoying. You have to leave your PS3 own and have the controller connected to the 3-foot USB cord. Well, this is where 3rd party peripheral manufacturers come in and solve those little qualms for you.

Nyko Technologies has announced the availability of the much anticipated ChargeBase peripheral. The ChargeBase is a wall mounted item that allows you to place up to four (4) Sixaxis controllers and have them all charge simultaneously. This makes the peripheral a fantastic convenience for those with more than one controller – and the fact that it connects to an electrical-socket as opposed to your PS3's USB, is ideal.

Likewise, if you'd also like a proper remote control for your PS3 when watching DVDs, Blu-Rays or listening to CDs, Nyko has also released their own Bluetooth remote control, called the BluWave. It's a cheaper solution to the official 1st party remote control, so it should pique the interests of some.

“Both the ChargeBase and the BluWave demonstrate Nyko’s continued commitment to provide gamers with accessories that accentuate and enhance the feature set of all of today’s next-gen consoles,” said Chris Arbogast, marketing manager at Nyko Technologies. “These peripherals are necessities for any PlayStation 3 owner.”

Look for the two peripherals available in stores today.

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