Playing games to help fight cancer. Nothin' wrong with that.

A week-long charity gaming marathon has earned over $1 million in donations, which will go to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The organization has just released the stats for the event and as you can see, the total reached $1,014,209.32. Not bad, kind gamers!

This particular "Awesome Games Done Quick" marathon focused on "speed runs," which is of course one person attempting to beat a game as quickly as possible. A total of 155 speed runs were completed during the week; titles that were beaten in lightning-fast fashion included Resident Evil 4 , Halo 2 and Super Mario Bros. The average donation was $37 (with a high of $10,000) and all told, 27,403 people gave for the greater good. The best part is that the charity marathon raised more than double the original goal of $500,000.

I've never tried a speed run. I like to sit back, take my time, and enjoy my games. However, back in the day, I did manage to complete Metroid II: Return of Samus on the GameBoy in only 2 hours and 37 minutes. …I might be the world record holder for that one. 😉

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7 years ago

nice, i did try a speed run once with mgs3 on euro extreme was actually good fun 😀

7 years ago

Never did games speed run, but I once did a speed run on my Harley, got her up to 121, but quickly had to back it on down when I saw the cop car hidden in the bushes.
(Luckily, he was aiming his radar unit at the opposing lanes across the medium strip.)