2K Sports has announced that their arcade baseball title, The Bigs, is 100% complete and has gone gold. The game is currently in its mass production stage now, getting ready to be shipped out on June 25th, 2007.

2K Sports promises a larger than life MLB experience with The Bigs, complete with surreal looking ballparks, a completely different pace of action, power ups, special effects and a career mode that'll let you take your created rookie to new heights. The game will be shipping for the PS3, Xbox 306, PSP, PS2 and Nintendo Wii.

Take a look at the quick list of features:

  • Twitch Gameplay – From the moment you
    take your first swing of the bat or field your first
    ball, the Bigs departs from the tradition sim gameplay
    model and brings fast paced, powered up gameplay action
    to the virtual diamond.
  • Larger Than Life – Stadiums, on-field
    action, player looks and player attributes have all been
    amplified to deliver a heroic MLB experience.
  • Pick-up-and Play Action – Gamers will
    experience fantastical gameplay their first time
    experiencing the BIGS. A fast learning curves coupled
    with deep capabilities keep gamers coming back for more.
  • The Bigs Career – From zero to hero, the
    Bigs Career mode places your “rookie” on the
    field in his first MLB game. Traveling from city to city,
    it is up to you to gain a name for yourself, improve upon
    your skill set and ultimately win the MVP of the World
  • Mini-Games – Unique mini-games provide
    an avenue to improve your skills and increase your
    abilities at the plate, around the bases and on the
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