GamePro recently got a chance to check out the upcoming racer, Sega Rally Revo , and Sega took the opportunity to say they had designed the game natively on the PS3, later porting it to the Xbox 360, PC, and PSP. Therefore, we have to assume the PS3 version will certainly be the best.

Much like Sega's Virtua Fighter 5 , this one runs at a native resolution of 720p on both the PS3 and Xbox 360, but in order to really take advantage of the rendering power of those systems, Sega decided to limit the game's framerate to a rock-solid 30fps. This allowed them to free up extra horsepower for sweet visuals like real-time reflections and awesome anti-aliasing. GamePro tried to find "jaggies" in the PS3 version, and could find no sign of any such flaw.

Plus, the game gets a cool feature called "geo deformation." The cars in Sega Rally Revo will leave ruts in the off-road racetrack, much like MotorStorm . But Sega pointed out that, unlike Sony's racer, their ruts are modeled using polygons and geometry. What's that mean? Well, it means your vehicle will respond as accurately as possible to obstacles and other environmental occurrences like puddles and rough terrain. The final version will include around 30-35 cars and 24 tracks; the tracks will sit amongst a bunch of different locales, from the jungle to the mountains to the desert.

You can expect to see the game this fall, but because Sega set out to develop this game on the PS3, we would recommend considering that version for purchase. If it were designed to be a multiplatform title, the versions would likely be identical, but in this case, it seems pretty obvious.

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