The PlayStation Store enjoyed another update yesterday, and it seems they're coming on a more frequent and consistent basis. Sony has said 180 downloadable titles will be available before March of 2008, so you can probably expect a whole lot more, but for now, here's what was added on June 21:

MotorStorm Time Attack (free) : The long-awaited Time Attack is here, and players can now race against the clock so as to set the best possible times. When you're satisfied you've turned the perfect lap, go check out the global leaderboards and see how you rate against the world's best! You can also create and share ghost car laps to improve your skills, or to simply show off. Good stuff for MotorStorm owners!

Hot Shots Golf 2 ($5.99) : The original began one of the most popular franchises ever, and the sequel only improved on the goodness. You can now download this classic and hit the links once more.

CoolBoarders ($5.99) : Snowboarding fans had only one recourse on the original PlayStation, and it was CoolBoarders . Some would argue the first was the best, and here it is for a whole new generation of gamers.

The Heartbreak Kid Trailer (free) : Check out this trailer for the new comedy.

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