If the first round was any indication, Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us was the guaranteed reader's choice.

And although it was slightly more competitive, it was indeed a runaway victory for one of the PS3's strongest IPs ever. The Reader's Choice for Game of the Year 2013 is the acclaimed, revered and controversial The Last Of Us .

It has a decent shot of winning here at PSXE as well, by virtue of that very high score it received. There are many, however, that will point to perceived flaws; I maintain that such drawbacks are more related to perception than overall quality, but that's a topic for another time. The bottom line is that the PSXE community has overwhelmingly selected TLoU as the single best game of the year, and that's no small accomplishment. Developer Naughty Dog has done some amazing things for the PlayStation brand, haven't they?

This week, the question is similar, but slightly different- which game do you think will receive our Game of the Year Award? Will it also be TLoU? We would like to remind you that the highest scoring game isn't automatically granted the title; it must be placed against all the games from the year, some of which came out after Naughty Dog's gem. So, might we give it to Bioshock Infinite ? Or perhaps Grand Theft Auto V …?