The franchise's first true sequel came in the form of Final Fantasy X-2 . Did you want another one?

Because FFX and FFX-2 writer Kazuhige Nojima does. During a recent FF-Reunion interview (as translated by Gematsu ), he said that if the demand for a sequel is there, something could happen. He also added:

"I, personally, would like to see a sequel such as Final Fantasy X-3."

If you've forgotten, the Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster set will be coming to the PlayStation 3 and Vita in North America on March 18. The collection features high-definition overhauls of the two games in the title, and die-hard series followers everywhere can't wait for it to arrive. But how would they respond to a sequel? A lot of people never gave X-2 enough credit for its more refined combat mechanic; too many just focused on the J-Pop style and the "girly" atmosphere.

It was indeed a little feminine. After all, the three main characters were all female. But that didn't stop the game from being great…although I'm not sure I'd trust Square Enix with that same structure now. Yuna already had guns; they'd just turn her into the female Dante and pretend it's Devil May Cry . And then I'd have to vomit.